Test: Another soccer game with the Nikon Z6 …

… this time as my main camera.

I am very pleased. It works great and just as good if not better as my previous main camera Nikon D500 and before that Nikon D3s. Haven’t tried the D4 and D5, so I can’t compare to those.

It is sharp, autofocus worked great and that is suppose to get even better with the bigger firmware update in May. Handles color and ISO very well.

I shot 728 photos. Probably more, since I usually delete images during the game. I used one battery and it had about 45% battery life left. I used bursts and autofocus and everything. The lense I used was the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR (not VR II).

Here is a burst of 14 shots from a tackle and I am quite pleased with the sequence. The A3 setting (Focus tracking lock-on) was set to 3. I have changed that to 4 now and will see if I like that better. The first image could have been sharper, but then it stays very sharp in the player in white until image 9 where it focuses on the legs of the player in front. Then image 10 and 11 is on the player in white again and then in 12-14 it shift focus to the number 8 player in the back.

All in all very please. These images have only been slightly edited with color and exposure. No cropping or anything else.

I will have no problem using the Nikon Z6 as my main camera from now on.

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